Fellow American: The Dollar May Soon Be Useless
By Cathy Donaldson
Jul 24, 2024

Fellow American:
The Dollar May Soon Be Useless


...It’s virtually impossible not to find a newspaper declaring our retirement funds are in severe danger. And yet, Americans don’t care.

Why is that?

It’s almost as if we’ve become deaf to the constant messaging that “doomsday is here”. For years, we’ve had to listen to the same rhetoric, all the while pensioners have been collecting their monthly checks without harm. So why worry now?

Because now the moment is here, and it threatens to wipe out our livelihoods with it.

Let me explain...

For the FIRST time, the Board of Trustees has reported that:

  • Russia along with China are now DUMPING U.S. DEBT in a hurry
  • Social Security has had to dip into its ‘trust fund’ to pay benefits
  • The fund is running a 200 BILLION dollar deficit
  • It has been forecasted that Social Security likely be insolvent in the next 10 years
useless putin
A Scary Thought
Russia was once the top 10 investors in US debt. As of today, their rank isn’t even in the top 30. If that isn’t a sign of things to come, I don’t know what is.

I want to be very frank with you. As political tensions rise, more countries will likely dump US debt in favour of precious metals. IF this happens, the US dollar as we know it, will be worthless.

Now imagine having to return to the workforce, all because you entrusted your retirement dreams to a government program, only to have it fail you.

So what can you do?

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