Ron Paul Warns of a Rigged Financial System
By Shannon Bryce
Jun 24, 2019

Ron Paul: Financial System Is Rigged


...and what role safe haven assets like gold will play in the future.

In these comments Ron Paul said:

“Policies strive to convince the unknowing that the dollar is strong and its status as the world’s reserve currency is secure, no matter how many new dollars they create of out of thin air”

“In the rigged financial system, stock and bond prices are kept artificially high for the wealthy on Wall Street.”

“Today, even though the official position of all central banks is that gold is not money, central bankers constantly rig the dollar price of gold, pretending the dollar is stronger than it really is. Just as the market overrode the artificial price of $35 per ounce in the 1970’s, today’s price will soar when the dollar is dethroned as the king of the world’s currencies.”

“The principle of gold as money has been acknowledged for thousands of years and is not going to be ignored any time soon.”

“There are many signs that various governments are considering using gold as an alternative to the fiat dollar.”

homeless man asking for assistance

It’s no secret that the financial system is meant to keep the 1% as wealthy as possible, while the rest of us just try to survive day to day.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. YOU have a choice as to whether you play by their rules, or your own rules.

Don’t let someone else determine your financial security. Take your retirement account into your own hands, and protect yourself from a rigged financial system using an IRS loophole.

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